About Ty-Flot

How far would you go to protect your people? What would you do to save time, money, and accelerate your business?

All it takes is one accident to destroy an organization. One serious accident could cost your company millions and endanger the lives of your employees. Just a small investment of time and resources in dropped object prevention and foreign material exclusion can save lives, and save your business.

Ty-Flot provides dropped object prevention and foreign material exclusion tools, training, and staffing solutions designed to protect your people, accelerate your business, and save you time and money.

Foreign Material Exclusion

Whether you're implementing a Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) Program for the first time, looking to fortify your current FME program, or even looking for ways to execute your written FME procedure more effectively - Ty-Flot can help. Learn more about FME Solutions

Dropped Objects Prevention

Make your tooling DROPS safe without replacing your entire warehouse. Ty-Flot solutions allow you to keep your current tooling and make temporary to permanent modifications to your tools. No need to replace tools with expensive upgrades. Learn more about Dropped Objects Prevention Solutions

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Built on Innovation

It’s our job to keep you safe. It’s our passion to create solutions that will work now and in the future. A company built on a foundation of innovation; we are a team of problem solvers, systems thinkers, and creative mavericks committed to crafting safety solutions that solve real time challenges. Learn more about Ty-Flot


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